We offer an innovative technique for the treatment of their varicose veins.

This technique is performed through a puncture or small incision
through which a laser fiber is introduced within the vein
saphenous vein along the entire length of the affected segment or
through collateral varicose veins. After inserting the fiber, is
performed. Laser thermal shock occlusion leading to a subsequent
fibrosis process, resorption and disappearance of the affected veins.

The endolaser is approved by the U.S. FDA (an agency that controls everything related to healthcare in the U.S.) as a technique for minimally invasive management of varicose veins. The procedure is performed under direct vision, real-time Doppler ultrasound, which allows control of the direct action of the laser fiber inside of the saphenous vein.

This technique avoids the problems of hematoma, wound infection, income, etc. that produce classical surgery of varicose veins.

Without cutting the skin or with minimal court, this treatment offers many advantages compared to conventional treatment:

a) Outpatient surgery under local anesthesia: Undoubtedly, this is one of its main advantages, the power to perform surgery on an outpatient basis without taking up wards without general anesthesia and / or epidural.

b) Fast: The procedure is performed in less than an hour.

c) Minimally invasive (minimal trauma): As is usually done percutaneously and the patient once spoken can go home walking.

d) Excellent results (clinical and aesthetic): You have an efficiency greater than 95% (over traditional surgery).
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