The Instituto Médico Vilafortuny (IMV), located in Cambrils, 110 Km south of Barcelona on the Mediterranean coast, is specialized on laser applications in Medicine and Surgery and began its work in 1984, continuing the basic research activities on laser tissue interaction started by Dr. Mario A. Trelles in 1973.

As multidisciplinary health center, placed at the forefront of innovating techniques, has pioneered Spain's laser applications in surgery. Since its beginnings, IMV has continued to investigate clinical protocols, thereby contributing to better laser safety of medical laser applications as well as improving established protocols of laser use in surgery.

The IMV develops clinical trials for efficacy survey of medical laser advances in collaboration with national and foreign medical universities. The staff of the Vilafortuny Institute carried out numerous scientific exchanges with centers of similar interests, with the purpose of improving the existing therapeutic guidelines and for optimization of clinical results. These areas of interest represent our view for the bettering of health and in favor of an improved quality of life.

Research is carried out within the frame of activities of the ANTONI DE GIMBERNAT FOUNDATION, located at the IMV. Founded in 1990 under the presidency of Doctor Trelles, the board of trustees is integrated by the Town Hall of Cambrils, the County council Presidency of Tarragona, the Medical Sciences Academy of Tarragona, and the Department of Morphologic Sciences (Medical Faculty) of the University of Valencia.

Among other activities, the ANTONI de GIMBERNAT FOUNDATION promotes academic and educational programs for training laser users and cooperates in teaching Master Courses at local and foreign Universities for accreditation in medical laser applications.
Instituto Médico Vilafortuny - Fundación Antoni De Gimbernat
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