With ablative lasers (the most advanced in the market).
These laser systems renew and tighten the skin, treating wrinkles and the signs of skin damage such as stains and unsightly veins.

With non ablative lasers and intense pulsed light devices.
These systems do not harm the skin and within a few sessions they effectively improve the overall tension of the skin tissue, restoring its attractiveness and fighting wrinkles.

Laser treatment combined with chemical peelings.
Mechanical peelings, such as dermoabrassion,  and soft chemicals, allow the patient to enjoy a normal life, since they are limited to clear the skin of progressive chronic spots. With these treatments the stains produced during pregnancy, or those caused by the sun and / or hormonal disorders, can be removed.

Endoderm therapy sessions, radiofrequency (RF) and ultrasound for cellulite.
The massage tech machines that treat cellulite by applying suction and pressure in addition of "shooting" bright light on the skin, accompanied by RF and ultrasound treatments to improve cellulite and tissue fibrosis. These techniques may be associated with mesotherapy sessions in the areas of buttocks, "saddlebags" and "fat rolls".
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