2008 -  XXVth International Intensive Hands-on Course on Laser in Medicine and Surgery

Aesthetics, Dermatology, Vascular and Incisional Surgery with Lasers

14, 15 and 16, Nov. 2008

Recognized of Medical Interest by Generalitat de Catalunya / Institut d'Estudis de la Salut, Ilmo. Colegio Oficial de Médicos de Tarragona

This course will teach both, theoretically and practically, established and innovative techniques for the treatment of ageing skin, from the perspectives of various experts of world renown. The format will be lectures, round table and a panel discussion, followed by practical sessions of treatment that will be linked by closed-circuit TV. These sessions will facilitate student-faculty interchange of knowledge as well as hands-on training with different techniques to gain practical knowledge.


To provide an overview of the concepts and fundamentals of cutaneous rejuvenation and the modern and conventional treatment techniques. Techniques for treating ageing skin, vascular lesions and for facial rejuvenation will be discussed together with the refinements of laser applications and conventional techniques, with special tips from the experts.
Exposure to, and hands-on experience with laser systems and various other treatment techniques, to enhance efficacy of clinical practice.


Mario A. Trelles, MD.PhD. Plastic-Aesthetic Surgeon
Instituto Médico Vilafortuny, Cambrils - Spain


Peter Bjerring, MD. PhD.
Dermatologist. University of Aarhus. Aarhus, Denmark.

Robert Glen Calderhead, MA. DrSci. FRSM.
Internal Medicine Laser Information Service. Tochigi City, Japan.

Konstandinos Siomos, PhD. Dr. Physics
Professor, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Athens, Greece.

Godfrey Town MD.
Registered Clinical Technologist, Certified Laser Protection Advisor, Swansea, U.K..

Pedro Fernandez de la Fuente, MD. PhD.
Ophthalmologist, Professor, Facultad de Medicina, Pamplona. Univ. de Navarra, Spain.

Anthony V. Benedetto, MD. PhD.
Dermatologist, University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine, Philadelphia,USA

Rafael Serena MD. .
Laser Department, Clínica Planas, Barcelona, Spain.

Chris Lada, MD. Plastic Surgeon, South Africa


Instituto Médico Vilafortuny

C. Romero (MD), X. Álvarez (MD), C. Buil, R. Luna(MD, Anaesthetists), M. Vélez (MD, Dermatologist Pharm, Biog),M. Castellano (Odontoestomatologist), O. Trelles (Computer Base), R. Fernández (Laser Electronics Technician), N. Caballero, M. Herrero, R. Ruiz (Physioth.), M. De Armas, B. Bastidas, C.Barnés (Nurse Ass.) A. Clarke (Translations), R. Pellicer, A. Muñoz, , A. Sánchez, R. Van. Moerbeke,(Nurse Ass. y Secretary), C. Vega (Secretary)


This Hands-On Course is accredited for 20 teaching hours as “Academy of Professional Interest” by the Tarragona College of Physicians-Spain

Recognized and/or supported by the:

European Society for Laser Aesthetic Surgery (ESLAS)
Sociedad Española de Láser Médico Quirúrgico (SELMQ)
European Laser Association (ELA)
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