The Antoni de Gimbernat Foundation takes its name from the illustrious physician who was born in Cambrils in 1734.  It is based at Instituto Médico Vilafortuny, which is also located in the same borough. The foundation was constituted in 1990 with aim to research into, promote, foster, develop, disseminate and apply therapeutically new technologies in medicine paying great attention to criteria of safety, efficacy and effectiveness.

Its scientific welfare orientated nature is a result of its non profit making status.

The Board of the foundation comprises such distinguished bodies as the:
Cambrils Town Council

Tarragona County Councilç

Tarragona branch of the Medical Science

Academy of Catalonia and Balearic Islands and Department of Morphological Sciences at the University of Valencia’s Faculty of Medicine.


La utilización de los modernos avances técnicos tiene amplia incidencia en el bienestar social y la calidad de vida y en la medicina, su aplicación ha aportado la posibilidad de tratar enfermedades que en algunos casos,  no tenían con anterioridad,  un tratamiento satisfactorio.

The use of modern technical breakthroughs far-reaching effects on social welfare and quality of life, and in medicine, this has led to making it possible, in some cases, to target illnesses which there had previously not been any satisfactory treatment.
The research carried out today along these lines gives rise to the need for channels of dissemination as well as centres of reference, standardisation and instruction in order to contribute to the regulation of healthcare and the quality of medical service, as occurs in other countries of the European Union.

The ANTONI DE GIMBERNAT FOUNDATION performs and has performed research into medicine and academic work for many years now.  It organises training courses on Laser in Medicine of international renown aimed at physicians who aspire to become expert practitioners of this technology in surgery.  The experience gained at these Annual Laser Courses has proved most positive and encourages the ANTONI DE GIMBERNAT FOUNDATION to continue to work to improve and disseminate up-to-date information.


Dr. Trelles, Chairman of the ANTONI DE GIMBERNAT FOUNDATION, receiving from the Mayor of Cambrils, Mr. Panicello, an extract of Dr. Antoni de Gimbernatís original birth certificate, in the presence of the President of the Medical School of Tarragona Dr. Beltran and Dr. Rius, the Minister for Health of the Autonomous Government of Catolonia.

Dr.Trelles, Chairman of the ANTONI DE GIMBERNAT FOUNDATION, signing at the Town Hall of Cambrils, as Vice-President of the Board of Trustees, in the presence of the Mayor, Mr. Panicello.